jeudi 26 janvier 2012

The meaning of words

It has come to my awareness, and i am sure to that of many others here in the forum, that there is an extensive usage of the vernacular used by desteni and those interdimentional beings, by most members of the forum who try to express their understanding of the material to others and to themselves through others. One of these expressions which is used by a wide majority in this forum and which has particularly caught my attention, once the 'knowledge' and 'direction of the movement' has been properly internalized, is the extensive usage of the term 'one as equal as life as all as breath' or a variation thereof. This 'usage' of the expression which has first been brought out, to our knowledge at least, by 'the portal' and all of the 'interdimentional beings' which communicate through 'it', has led me to question the ultimate necessity of the words in play.

Being aware of the 'superficial' meaning of those words, as the meaning which is brought out by different sources of fundamental knowledge in this world - i.e. dictionary -, the repetitious pounding of the expression 'one as equal as life as all as breath' within my mind through my participation within this site, has inevitably led me to 'question' each and every words that create that specific 'chain of words' which leads to it's 'profound meaning' in regards to 'oneness and equality'. With French being my 'mother's tongue', there is a natural distancing in regards to English that makes me filter the words that i 'read and perceive' when ingesting information that comes from English. I just do not take the superficial meaning of English words, subconsciously filtering English through a constant inner relationship with French that occurs without my conscious awareness of this internalized process. This, though, makes me 'question' the words and expressions that are being used and used again as though they hold an important 'meaning' that if 'understood correctly', could hold the key to the release of exactly that which we are trying to release ourselves from.

I mean, what is 'one as equal as life as breath as all', or a variation thereof, and what is 'within and as this or that' if we do not have the foundation within ourselves to properly seize the profound meaning of those words and through that seizing, infuse our life essence through those words so that they become the 'pure expression' of ourselves as words?

The chain of words that is needed in our current application of the process, as with the expressions 'one as equal as life as breath as all' and 'within and as', will inevitably become obsolete at one point or another, for what is the point in constantly relativizing the fact that everything we perceive through our minds, is in relation to that which is always within ourselves. To go one step further, this 'chain of words' which acts as a necessary foundation for our current but temporary understanding of 'oneness and equality', could be extrapolated into infinity, for ultimately, it denotes that everything is 'one and equal', thus no separation exists whatsoever with any words that we can muster through our collective minds. As an example, an expression which would be as valid as 'one as equal as all as life as breath' could be 'one as equal as all as life as breath as action as speaking as walking as running as seeing as smelling as hearing as touching as tasting as object as rock as flower as grass as leaves as tree as car as airplane as jet ski as boat as houses as paper as computer as screen as calendar as floor as wall as bed as bowl as glasses as gun as bullets as powder as bombs as radio as submarine as rockets as insects as caterpillars as flies as bees as ants as lice as fleas as butterflies as mosquitos as larvae as animals as cats as dogs as mice as tigers as elephants as lions as giraffes as bears as fishes as antelopes as wolves as sheep as coyotes as koala as groundhog as hedgehog as pig as cow as horse as chicken as abstract as thought as idea as feeling as emotion as concept as universe as infinite as eternal as beyond as beneath as above as below as here as there as now as future as past as never as always as movement as direction as characteristics as confidence as assertiveness as decisiveness as egoistic as self-centeredness as powerful as ambivalent as whatever as clouds as bumblebee as shit as piss as food as drinks as school as children as people as father as creator as created as united as unified as consciousness as field as subsoncsiousness as unconsciousness as shirt as hair as skin as color as sensation as pole as electricity as current as charges as neurons as brain as organ as heart as lungs as ovaries as sperm as penis as vagina as breast as muscles as desire as sex as apathy as will as neutral as polarized as positive as negative as container as containment as prison as limit as self-contained as compounding as suppressing as hiding as forgetting as suffering as dishonesties as guilt as fear as anger as shame as rejection as disregard as disrespect as respect as self-expression as empowerment as empowering as me as this as that as everything as in as between as all as over as beginning as ending as constant as inconsistent as ... (put in whatever words comes to mind here)' ad infinitum.

This linkage of specific words in the construction of a feasible way to express the 'meaning' behind 'oneness and equality' without having to name everything that exists through words in the English vocabulary - 171476 of them to be exact, according to the second edition of the oxford English dictionary - is thus a necessity. However, I question the 'necessity of words' in the absolute completion of oneness and equality as breath for all mankind, for all words are fundamentally based on separation, a separation which is automatically effective within the instant a word is internalized within the mind - for the sole purpose of 'limiting' a 'movement of sound' in a 'way/sense' that can be 'internalized', thus, comprehended by the being within and as the mind. Thus, the mere usage of 'words' is a revelation of our collective ultimate separation in the 'sense/movement' that we 'need' to 'use words' in order to 'reach understanding of each other'. This 'fundamental need' is a 'desire' nonetheless - a 'desire' which separates us through the mere 'design' of our most fundamental expression in this human physical body.

Words, therefore, are the manifested expression of our inner most desire to seek out for something 'out there' which is at the base of our collectively manifested outer reality of ever complexifying dualities. We fundamentally seek the approval, through words, that we exist infinitely as an infinite expansion of self - which words only serve to portray ourselves as a 'universal expansion principle', where there is no beginning nor end, but an endless movement which is paradoxically constant (I’m extrapolating through this post, what is given through the desteni materials). But what do the words really mean to 'me' as the life essence which uses words to express a given 'movement' of intent at a given moment in existence?

When i look at the word 'as' within the expression 'one as equal as all as life as breath' for example, what does 'as' 'mean' to me? Does it 'mean' what the dictionary tells me it 'means'? Is there a more profound 'meaning' behind the superficial usage of it's expression? Is the more profound 'meaning' of the expression 'me' within and 'as' it - 'me' within and as 'as'? Who am I within 'as'? What is 'as'? Is 'as' the perceived element which links everything together? What is that element which links everything together? Is that element 'me'? If the most profound level of understanding is the realization that every words are mere representations of an infinite being which knows no end, then why the necessity to create limited expression of ourselves through knowledge which automatically ends when the 'perceived characteristics' of a word used to describe a given piece of knowledge, reach the end of it's 'predefined/preprogrammed' 'meaning'?

Using my example, the movement behind the 'meaning' of 'as' is a movement that is defined/limited/preprogrammed by intent - an intent which translates itself within and as the limited word 'as', instead of the movement staying 'constant thus infinite' as silence/non-movement within itself. However, is 'as' truly a 'limited' preprogrammed capsule encapsulating a particular movement which, in the absolute, isn't particular whatsoever within and as the silent/non-movement of self? What is the particularity of 'as' in regards to the particularity of 'one'? What is the particularity of 'as' in regards to the particularity of 'equal'? Isn't it all just the same? Isn't it all 'me' within and as 'perceived differences' of the 'constancy' which is 'me' - indifferently?

Couldn't we ultimately say 'me me me me me me me me me' instead of 'one as equal as all as life as breath' since every creation of the mind as words is a mere reflection of 'me' through infinite refractions of 'me' within and as the words that we use. When will the necessity of words end if words are extrapolated reflections of the dualistic nature of the mind? When the mind ultimately and collectively stops, will words stop as well?

When i say 'one as equal as life as all as breath', the 'as' component within that 'chain' of words, obviously acts as a 'link' that 'chains' all words expressed within the expression as one. Just like i tried to express the ultimate extent to which this expression presupposes - in that it ultimately includes all words that we collectively use to 'communicate our differences' - 'as' ultimately act as a point which references the fact that the awareness of self is 'linked' with everything that is created within and 'as' the mind. Thus, the ultimate illusion of the necessity of the word being used in order to reach what is already the case here as 'who i am' without the mind - thus being ultimately unreachable through the tools of the mind, which is exactly what is being taught by the desteni materials.

However, in order to fully become the words we use as pure expression of ourselves as the infinite being that we are, trust must be built within and as ourselves as the words that we temporarily use to express ourselves, within the constraints of our collectively agreed upon existence. The trust of which only comes with self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self-application, as diligently expressed by desteni and all those interdimentional beings that communicate through her body.

For the time being however, which is a specific stage within the process of birthing life from the physical, words are necessary for they are tools of the mind which is in itself, 'as' ourselves. Everything that is 'out there' either within the mind or within the world - which is inevitably all the same - has been created in the 'likeness of our collective agreement'. Thus, I am responsible for what i have agreed upon and the only way I can change what i have created through the acceptance of separation, is to STOP the separation within the mind as suggested by Desteni and all. Separation fuels the inner activities of the mind, thus, as long as words are deemed as separate expressions within the purpose of 'transmitting/communicating' a 'different yet complementary' perspective on existence, the 'intent' behind the 'perspective' is lost in the translation. So, it is imperative that we find the 'personal relationship' that a word has within ourselves in order to 'get rid' of the collectively agreed upon 'meaning' which is 'based on separation'. In other words, to unite ourselves with the words as pure expression of ourselves - as one and equal with the words -, we have to 'dig' within the separation that exists within the words we use, so that we reach the 'starting point' of 'commonality with ourselves' on which those words were created. Once we have 'reached' that common ground, words are no longer perceived/believed as being separate, but individualized expression of oneness as ourselves, just like every physical body is an individualized expression of oneness as ourselves - no separation, only the same common ground.

The confusion which stand as the starting point which has lead me to 'seek understanding through words', has to shift to that which is already here as me and within me - and not as an externalization of an ultimately abstract/unknowable sense of self, which is a delusive idea about 'who i am' for 'who i am' is not a seeking, but a being. Words are ultimately the manifested collective agreement of 'seeking for something' which inevitably generates confusion as a space within which that 'seeking' can be expressed within and as self. Words are meant, on the superficial level, to keep us enslaved within and as that starting point of 'confusion', because that is the ultimate meaning of words - i.e. to confuse - i.e. to generate more space for us to seek infinite understanding of ourselves instead of just being. Thus, confusion is at the service of separation, being the infinite vacuum through which we can express the separation we have all collectively agreed upon. As long as we do not release 'confusion' out of our systems and become absolutely clear that a word is a 'being' and not a 'meaning', we will be bound to separation.

Will words ultimately become obsolete? When all of humanity will agree upon our collective 'starting point' as being 'one and equal', will the need to seek communication through words of superficially different meaning still manifest itself, or will we become a unified expression of 'beingness' which invites absolutely no confusion, but only universal communion through a means that renders the usage of words obsolete?

samedi 21 janvier 2012

Facing my beauty/ugly system deamon.

I have for a long time been distracted by my physical appearance as I am with another being. Just recently, I have noticed just how much my physical appearance, most specifically my facial appearance, has played an undermining factor in my relationships in my life. Lately, it as come to my attention that, as I was with another being, experimenting the sharing of experiences, my mind was busy shifting my awareness away into the thoughts of "how do I look now" or "how do I look from within the specific angle that I imagine the other being looking at me". Ever since my teenage years, this thought process of "me being concerned at the way my facial appearance looks to another being" has been a preoccupation driving my awareness away from the actual moment of being here within the sharing of an experience with another being - most specifically girls - to the thoughts of concern as to how that other being is actually perceiving/judging my facial appearance.

Those judgments that I believe and perceive the other beings having upon my facial appearance are continuously distracting me from what is actually occuring within those moments whereas instead of actually listening to the other beings, I delve into my mind with the concerns as thoughts of "how do I look now?", "I hope that I am not ugly within this specific angle". I have accepted and allowed those thoughts to seep through my mind as a definition of me because of my own judgements towards the way that I look when looking a specific angles of my face through the reflection of the mirror. I have come to prefer and dislike specific angles of my face, whereas when I show a specific facial angle to another being when within a conversation, I always try to show the angle that I have "judged" as being "more beautifull" than other angles of my face. Whenever I am seen through an angle that I judge as being negative, I immediately try to place myself/face in an angle that I have previously judged as being "better" from my personal relationship with the mirror. This behavior of mine actually reinforces my mind consciousness system through me being busy with preoccupations of how the others are judging me, solely based on how I look, rather than being here fully with the other being through the sharing of the experience of ourselves within a particular moment.

The judgments that keeps on repeating themselves within my mind, through me having accepted and allowed those definitions as myself, are actually limiting my expression of myself to the extent where I stop listening to what the other being is saying because of being too busy listening to those "beauty system demons" from within my mind. In order to stop this participation that I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become, I have to stop participating within the mind through the processes as described by Desteni ( Those processes are those of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-corrective application.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into the mind whenever I am within a conversation with another being, where I continuously fear what the other being is thinking about my facial appearance/angle.

lundi 16 janvier 2012

What have I become since the year 2000?

Who am I? What have I become?

Those are the questions that I am currently asking myself since the personality that I am now expressing of myself is one that I would define as being the "dark me". This "dark me" that I currently define as my current expression of myself is a side of me that I have kept hidden from others for most of my life - it is the side of me which have abandonned all hope of something better for me. The fact is that i've always nurrished this side of me in the past, but kept it hidden from others and myself through me relegating it to the depths of my subconscious mind.

Most of the actions that I have made since june 2000 were actions that had as a starting point, the point of me as a loser in life, whereas I made a promise to myself that I would live to the end of 2012 just to see if I would be able to "make it" within that time frame. I mean that at that point in my life - june 2012 - I mostly thought of suicide because of the sad and lonely existence that was my own at the time. The only thought that made me consider continuing living was the thought that I would only have to live until the end of 2012, because of having then come unto a document over the internet that expressed that the end of the world was in that year. I remember that the idea of the end of the world was comforting me within my "lonely" existence - within which I kept re-experimenting situations of rejections over and over again. I remember specifically that it was and still is because of that inherent feeling of being rejected by others that I allowed the idea of suicide to crawl into my mind.

Now, the point that I am facing is the point that have been waiting to emerge ever since that year, which is the point of suicide because of still not having the relationships in my life which would enrichen my existence.

The reason why I courted with the idea of suicide back in 2000, was because I had no luck with women and that without the love and/or presence of a women in my life, that my life was not worth living for. Everything else such as having a job were secondary to the primary focus of being with a women/girl in my life. Since that priority was not met I had suicidal thoughts within which I planned on killing myself in june of that year. I obviously didn't kill myself then because, in part, I had read over the internet that the end of the world would be in 2012. I used this information to delude myself into thinking that I had 12 years to make it work for me. This meant that I had 12 years to have a girlfriend. 12 years to have a job. 12 years to have a family. In essence, that I had 12 years to have what I wanted out of life.

However, as it turns out now, I still haven't gotten what I have defined then as being the starting point of my participation in life - which is/was to have a girlfriend. To me, the starting point of everything else in my life was to have a girlfriend. I remember that I've generated that thought within my mind ever since I was a teenager, where I would tell myself that "I will start preoccupying myself with the buisiness of work and responsibility only when I will first have a girlfriend". Although that I've had a few girlfriends since that time, I still haven't found the women to share my life with. Thus, I am still "alone" within the perspective of not having anyone to share an intimate physical relationship with. I have used this situation to feed the idea of suicide since I am still not within the "projected outcome" that I have defined for myself ever since I've made this "aggreement" with myself back in the year 2000, which was to have a girlfriend and a family. Having then told myself that I would only kill myself if I would not have been able to build myself the primary "goal" of my existence - having a girlfriend and a family -, I have recently been overcome by thoughts of suicide since I am getting close to that "due date".

I have lived my life since that year, with the belief that the world was going to end in the year 2012 anyways. Within this belief, I have brought myself to lead a life of carelessness where my actions in regards to my future were taken lightly since I was convinced that the world was going to end in 2012.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to kill myself because of not wanting to live after 2012.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I only had to make it through to the end of 2012 back in the year 2000, from within which I programmed my life according to the belief that the world was going to end by the end of the year 2012 anyways.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to take my life for granted because of the belief that the world was going to end by the end of the year 2012 anyways.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take life as who I am as all as one as equal, for granted through the belief that the world was going to end in 2012.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have a grudge against life because of the belief that it is because of life that I have this existence that I judge to be sad because of being stuck with regards to my "working" place in this world.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realise that the grudge I hold against life is a grudge that i hold against myself as who I am as life as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold a grudge against myself as life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold my self expression because of the belief that I am stuck in this life within the grudge I hold against myself as life for not having the life that I whish I could have.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to whish to have a life that would "magically" appear in front of me without any efforts on my part because of the "whishfull thinking" from within which I have hoped that my life would "change" by itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from change as life as the "wishfull thinking" that life would "magically change" instead of me actually working for the changes that I want to see and be in this world.

vendredi 13 janvier 2012

self-forgiveness on being bipolar and on medication

I have been diagnosed as being bipolar ever since 2003, where I then experienced my first psychosis. There are a lot of self imposed definitions that came from that diagnosis when I was 25 years old. Today, I have to live with the hinderance of medication since I have been court ordered to take medication. I will do self-forgiveness on the beliefs that I have associated with the medication that I take to treat my bipolar disorder.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I need medication in order to equilibrate my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the meditation that I take are slowing my mind down as that is what I have been told by the psychiatrist in regards to the antipsychosis medication that I have to take.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the "slowing down of the mind" that I experience while taking the medication as the antipsychosis drug that I am imposed to take.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to end my life because of having to take medication for the next 3 years as ordered by the court within which I fear having to live as a dumbed down version of what I am through the dumbing down effects of the medications upon my mind.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear having to live as a dumbed down version of myself because of the belief that if I am to be "less than who I was" prior to the time where I was medicated, that life will be too difficult for me to handle because of not being able to express myself the same way as before because of the "expression blocking inducing effects" of the medication that I am forced to take.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to express myself through the filter of the medication through the belief that the medication do in fact slow the processes of my self-expression down.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let the medication take effect upon my mind as the effect of me being slowed down through the processes of my self-expression as the medicated effects of the medication that i am forced to take.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to die because of having been imposed to live the next 3 years through the experienced difficulties of self-expression that I currently experience because of the medication that is acting within my body/mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear having to live through the inherent difficulties that the medication imposes upon my self-expression.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to kill myself because of not living the life that I want to live.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience confusion within my mind as I am expressing myself when within the influence of the medication because of the belief that the medication has an effect upon me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let the medication have an effect upon my expression from within which I allowed myself to want to kill myself because of the excuse as the effect of the medication that it has limited my self-expression which makes me feel uncomfortable being me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel uncomfortable being me because of living as the effects of the socially imposed medication from within which I feel as if I am but a shadow of what I was before.

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Je recommence le processus Desteni.

Bonjour à tous, 

Cela fait maintenant plus de 3 années que je suis conscient du processus de Desteni. J'y ai participé du mieux que je pouvais jusqu'à ce jour, mais malgré mes efforts, j'ai tombé à plusieurs reprises étant soumis à une personnalité désaxée qui m'a amené à émettre des propos désobligeants envers desteni mais plus particulièrement, envers moi-même. Après avoir été banni à plusieurs reprises de Desteni en raison de mon comportement désaxé, je me retrouve et me suis retrouvé plusieurs fois rejeté du groupe et du mouvement. Ceci me désole énormément avec le recul, car je suis conscient que Desteni est à mon sens, le seul groupe sur terre qui propose une solution pratique et viable pour tous les problèmes de cette planète.
Je regrette amèrement avoir été aussi désobligeants envers Desteni dans les derniers messages que j'ai publié avant d'avoir été banni l'été dernier, mais je dois ajouté que j'étais à ce moment précis, sous l'influence d'une psychose (selon la psychiatrie moderne) qui m'eut amené à percevoir Desteni et son porte parole principale comme étant l'incarnation d'une entité maléfique issue de mes croyances passées. Ayant lu un livre intitulé "matrix V - the quest for spirit" alors que j'avais 25 ans (j'en ai maintenant 33), l'idée que desteni était l'incarnation de reptiliens est alors revenu à la surface de ma conscience et m'a complètement submergé par des émotions qui rendaient cette croyance véritable à mes yeux. Je me suis alors mis à divaguer à travers des propos désobligeants qui étaient non pas réellement destiné à Desteni, mais plutôt à l'idée de l'entité maléfique ayant pris racine en mon esprit alors que j'avais 25 ans sous la lecture du livre mentionné plus haut. Néanmoins, je n'ai pu alors reprendre mon esprit et corriger mes écrits avant de les publier puisque j'étais à ce point convaincu que ce que me disait mon esprit à propos de Desteni et de sunette en particulier, étaient fondé sur la réalité. Mais tout ceci n'étaient que des projections de ce que l'auteur du livre "matrix V" mentionnait en son œuvre. 
Quelques temps suite à ce bannissement, je me suis retrouvé à l’hôpital psychiatrique puisque cet évènement n'était que le précurseur d'une psychose qui m'eut amené à interprété la réalité d'une façon complètement idiosyncratique suite à un concours de circonstance dans ma vie privée qui m'eut amené à me déconnecté de la réalité. Je suis donc resté plus de 3 mois à l’hôpital où l'on ma diagnostiqué comme étant bipolaire avec une épisode de psychose (je savais déjà que j'étais bipolaire puisque le diagnostique m'avait été donné en 2003 suite à ma première manie/psychose) et où on m'a forcé de prendre des médicaments antipsychotiques ayant plusieurs effets secondaires néfastes.
Avec le recul, je dois admettre que j'ai connu plusieurs psychoses ces dernières années en raison de ma condition mentale (bipolaire) et que ces dernières furent produites essentiellement aux même moments où je fus bannis par le passé du groupe/organisation de Desteni. Étant maintenant sous l'effet des médicaments stabilisateurs, je peux admettre que mes comportements outrageux passées furent le résultat d'une condition qui dépassais ma capacité de gestion de mes propres interprétations de ce que Desteni représente dans les faits. Malgré que je participais activement au processus du pardon de soi, d'auto-correction de soi et d'honnêteté de soi à travers plusieurs écrits - à la fois sur papier et sur ordinateur - ma condition de bipolarité sous-jacente m'amenais à plusieurs reprises à généré des flux et reflux énergétique mentaux alors même que je participais à ces activités. Le simple fait d'écrire alimentait petit à petit une propension à me déconnecter de la réalité puisque je générais alors sans même m'en rendre compte, des frictions énergétiques qui, sous la force de l'accumulation, finirent par exploser en se déchargeant sur les autres et sur moi-même, comme un ouragan emportant tout sur son chemin. Ayant vécu par le passé ces épisodes de manie de façon cyclique, ils revenaient régulièrement surtout lorsque j'étais dans des situations de surmenage.
Mes psychiatres m'ont averti par le passé que certaines activités mentales avaient chez moi l'effet de déclencher des manies et parfois même des psychoses en raison de la fragilité chimique de mon cerveau, mais je n'ai jamais voulu les écouter et refusais systématiquement de suivre leur recommandation et de prendre les médicaments qu'ils me prescrivaient. Pour le moment, je ne suis plus en mesure de respecter cette volonté de me soustraire de leur recommandation puisque j'ai reçu une ordonnance de traitement qui m'oblige sous l'ordre de la cour juridique, de prendre mes médicaments pour une période minimale de 3 ans. Malgré que je suis toujours contre la prise de médicaments, ce qui est également corroboré par la lecture d'un des articles de Sunette au sujet des médicaments par l'entremise de Hitler (voir un des articles de Hitler sur le site de Desteni), je dois admettre que je me sentes moins enclins à interpréter la réalité de façon idiosyncratique depuis que je suis médicamenté. Cela n'est peut-être pas la solution idéale pour moi, mais étant donné que les effets de ma condition mentale semble m'échapper - psychose et manie cyclique -, je n'ai pas le choix de prendre les médicaments, si seulement pour me permettre de mieux travailler sur mon être.
Ainsi, ce que je demande est l'opportunité de poursuivre mes démarches au sein du seul groupe sur cette planète qui offre une solution pratique au problème mondial. J'aimerais ajouter de nouveau ma voix au equal money system et au processus de Desteni malgré mes faux pas du passé, car même si je suis banni, je ne peux m'empêcher de constater l'évidence = Desteni est le seul groupe qui propose la seule solution viable au problème de ce monde. Prière donc d'accepter en votre sein un membre qui se repent pour des torts commis par les influences d'une possession profondément ancré en son être - la bipolarité.